Signs You Need Foundation Repair

If you notice that your home is shifting location, has noticeable drafts, or problems with the plumbing, could the foundation be to blame? Foundation problems are a fiasco that you don’t want to endure because they’re frustrating, costly to repair, and can ruin your home. Pay attention to the signs of trouble and phone a professional for foundation repair cook county il if you notice trouble. Some of the most common signs that you need to make this call include:

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Expanding Soil Issues

Soil expansion is the reason for most foundation damage. It is most commonly experienced after flooding or other heavy rains. When the soil expands and closes, it changes the temperature and the location of the home.

Leaks are Trouble

A leaking plumbing unit can also damage the plumbing system. Even a small pinhole leak is a big problem for a homeowner. Don’t ignore a leak and assume that it really isn’t hurting things because the damage can be fierce.

Plantation Troubles

Trees and shrubs that grow in soil can also affect the home’s foundation. These limbs and shrubbery can cause a major headache if the problem is not corrected quickly.

What is the Temperature?

Weather changes also cause soil expansion and foundation damage. There are wet and dry weather cycles throughout the year. The changes produce pressure underneath the home, causing shrinking and swelling. This weakens the foundation and causes cracking to occur.

The Bottom Line

You should keep an eye on the foundation on your home if you want to keep your most valuable investment intact and protected. The reasons for foundation damage listed here are just some of the many things that can cause trouble. Don’t wait to make the call to the pros if you suspect trouble.