Bathroom Tile Trends

Your bathroom makes or breaks the entire home. You want this small room to have a big impact and making that statement starts with a stylish floor. When the floor is amazing, the rest seems to all come together. One way to make an impressive bathroom floor is by using tiles. Many people enjoy the sophisticated look and the affordable price they’re offered with bathroom floor tiles in Orlando FL and so will you.

Your Bathroom Style

If you want to add tile to the bathroom floor, why not keep up with some of the latest trends? When you follow the trends, it is easy to create a bathroom that appeals to your every need and keep the home modern and stylish. Some of the best trends for the year include:

Retro Styles

bathroom floor tiles in Orlando FL

Black and white patterned types take your bathroom back to the 60s, but its only one amazing retro style that you’ll appreciate in the home. Do you want a farmhouse bathroom or want a hippie-proud 1970s shack? Tiles allow the bathroom to represent the retro style most flattering to your needs.

Wood-Look Tile

Wood is not a good material for the bathroom simply because of the excessive amount of water and moisture in the room. But, many people appreciate the sophistication that wood brings into the home. How, many trendsetters use wood-look tile in their bathrooms. Using wood-look tile allows you to create the ambiance the bathroom deserves without the hardships of wet wood!


Mosaic tile is fun for all. Several styles allow you to create the bathroom setting of your desire. White marble is especially popular right now, but many other styles are available of course. You’ll enjoy an upscale design when you opt to use mosaic flooring in the bathroom.